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meine sache

is the way to a fuller life ...

... through social relationships and creativity



financial independence is a prerequisite for this

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We wish for a fully fledged life and we work on the assumption that many of us wish for the same thing.

Thanks to our experience, we build our project foundations on four central pillars:

Social relationships





It's been scientifically proven that constant movement, bordering on discomfort, asceticism, life within community, healthy natural food and constant self-education are the longevity formula of 100-year-old women and men.

However, most modern people opt for an easy life in the comfort of a developed civilization which is comfortable but doesn't make you grow as an individual.


We will choose a less travelled road. The path of looking for traditional values.

We have decided to choose Georgia.

A country with fertile and healthy soil, great variety of fruits and cuisine and delicious wine.

A country, where the family and social cohesion are still highly valued, where the value of work is still noticeable and the skills of ancestors are still alive.

Hand-crafted treasures still remain in the background, but in our project they are of great importance.

Georgia has become for us a country full of opportunities.

We are confident that we will find the right place there, thanks to our CVs and experience in financial, economic, agricultural and gastronomic fields as well as our creative thinking.

Our posts on social media, blog, facebook, twitter etc. will give people an idea of our subsiquent activities and they invite people to follow and communicate.

The way our project develops also depends on our customers.

Anyone who wants to participate can do so with financial support or work commitment.

And now, the next step ….

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